Hear No Evil

Townsville Floods

Townsville Floods The Clean Up BeginsThose of us located all around Australia watched on in shock at the flooding that ravaged Townsville in a horror start to 2019. Around lunchtime on 30 January the first warning was received about emergency flash flooding. What continued from there was absolutely unprecedented, with the flooding being deemed on […]

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Photos Help Pooches

Photos Help Pooches Five year old Adelena Sutton, daughter of Founder Sonja Coombes helps Hear No Evil raise awareness of a Halloween Photo Shoot to help raise much needed funds for the rescue. 0

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Thank You

Thank you SharesWe are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded a $10,000 Victorian State Government grant from the Animal Welfare Department. The funds will help subsidise a Desexing and and Eduction program for 20 dogs that carry the merle and double merle gene throughout Victoria that are at risk of producing double merle litters. The funds […]

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deaf dog awareness week

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Deaf Dog Awareness Week 2018So you have a Deaf dog? ‘Oh how sad’‘Poor thing’‘Oh no’‘Gosh, that must be hard’‘Why would you pick that one?’‘You won’t be able to do much with a deaf dog’‘That’s not going to be safe with kids’‘Watch out for that one, it’s deaf’- things we hear all the time when out […]

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worldwide double merle awareness day

Worldwide Double Merle Awareness Day

Worldwide Double Merle Awareness Day Today is Worldwide Double Merle Awareness Day!A number of rescues around the globe are working together to raise awareness and hopefully STOP Merle to Merle breeding from continuing.Double Merle breeding and why it needs to STOP!What is a Double Merle dog?A double Merle is exactly what it sounds like. It […]

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Every day in rescue is a surprise

Every Day In Rescue Is A Surprise!

Every Day In Rescue Is A Surprise Whenever we think we’ve seen it all, we’re thrown a curve ball and frequently that leaves us making instant decisions without the benefit of any real forethought or planning. The appearance of Lacey, a blind mastiff x great dane in a Queensland pound a few weeks ago was […]

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Entertainment Books

The Fund Raising Never Stops You Give We GiveLike many rescue groups Hear No Evil relies solely on donations and our other fundraising efforts so we can continue our rescue work. The adoption fee we charge comes nowhere close to covering just the basic vet costs we incur when a dog comes into care, let […]

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Daisy Sanctuary Dog

Old But Not Forgotten: Becoming Sanctuary Dog

Old But Not Forgotten: Becoming Sanctuary Dog The State of DaisyAt the start of March; we welcomed Daisy into care with Hear No Evil as a sanctuary dog.Daisy was old, emaciated, had a massive mammary tumour, conjunctivitis, severe long-term skin irritation, a mouthful of rotting teeth and so many other random lumps, bumps and damaged […]

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rescue is not magic

Rescue is not Magic

Rescue is Not Magic Every now and then we get told we are not doing enough to rescue EVERY deaf dog in the country or we are taking too long to respond to calls, emails, FaceBook messages, text messages, tags, call outs etc… Rescue is not magic. Rescue is Hard! It’s not instant and it’s not […]

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mat training

Setting Boundaries

Setting Boundaries Learning and reinforcing your homes boundaries in a new environment can be one of the biggest frustrations for a new foster dog and Carer.  It’s super important start working on this as soon as your foster dog arrives through the use of mat training. The tips to creating a harmonious environment is to: Make your […]

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