Pet Tales

Living The Life!

Living the Life In Noosa It’s just not people who love the Noosa Lifestyle…dogs do too.  Sunshine, beaches and a forever home make two deaf cattle dogs very happy. Noosa Magazine tells the tale of Elliot and Huckleberry Finn.

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pet health basics

Pet Health Basics

Caring For Your Dog Pet Health BasicsIn rescue we are often presented with animals that have been awfully neglected. The rescue of Miss Flo, mid last year is a prime example of how neglecting the health of your dog can lead to major complications later. (Read more of Miss Flo’s journey click here) Used as a […]

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double merle desexing

Subsidised Desexing Program

Funds are still available through this grant from Victorian Government to desex more merle and double merle dogs.

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Hear No Evil 2018 Wrap Up

Hear No Evil’s 2018 Wrap Up. Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue IS and always will be a tiny rescue. We have no ambitions of being huge, we just want to continue educate people and help find the homes that best match each individual dog that we bring into care.. Our ‘save’ count will […]

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make a donation

Saving Miss Flo

Saving Miss Flo Flo’s face may look familiar to those of you who have followed our work for a while now. For those that don’t know Flo, she is a 5 year old American bulldog x boxer.When Flo entered the pound Hear No Evil rescued her from mid last year she was emaciated, still lactating […]

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Fostering Saves Lives

Opening your home and heart to a deaf dog in need can help save their life.

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Townsville Floods

Townsville Floods The Clean Up BeginsThose of us located all around Australia watched on in shock at the flooding that ravaged Townsville in a horror start to 2019. Around lunchtime on 30 January the first warning was received about emergency flash flooding. What continued from there was absolutely unprecedented, with the flooding being deemed on […]

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Photos Help Pooches

Photos Help Pooches Five year old Adelena Sutton, daughter of Founder Sonja Coombes helps Hear No Evil raise awareness of a Halloween Photo Shoot to help raise much needed funds for the rescue.

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Thank You

Thank you SharesWe are absolutely thrilled to have been awarded a $10,000 Victorian State Government grant from the Animal Welfare Department. The funds will help subsidise a Desexing and and Eduction program for 20 dogs that carry the merle and double merle gene throughout Victoria that are at risk of producing double merle litters. The funds […]

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deaf dog awareness week

Deaf Dog Awareness Week

Deaf Dog Awareness Week 2018So you have a Deaf dog? ‘Oh how sad’‘Poor thing’‘Oh no’‘Gosh, that must be hard’‘Why would you pick that one?’‘You won’t be able to do much with a deaf dog’‘That’s not going to be safe with kids’‘Watch out for that one, it’s deaf’- things we hear all the time when out […]

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