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Mouthy puppy

Tips for the Mouthy or Bitey Puppy

Tips for the Mouthy or Bitey Puppy Why is your puppy biting?First, establish why your puppy is biting. Is it play? Does he not like what you are doing? Is it a tantrum? It’s important to recognise what the biting is for so the issue can be addressed accordingly.The Playful PuppyNever allow puppy to playfully […]

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mental stimulation

Enrichment For Our Dogs

Enrichment For Our Dogs Before I got my deaf dog, Tilly, I’d never even heard of the words enrichment “and “mental stimulation “when talking about our four-legged friends, so, when it was brought up at our dog training, I’ll admit, I was hesitant… But once I begun to research and then as I begun to […]

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Bowie the deaf boxer pup

One Forever Home Found!

Found! – One Loving Forever Home Deaf Dogs After AdoptionWhen a deaf dog comes into care with Hear No Evil they become part of our family forever. Some adoptive families like to provide us with regular updates on the progress of their newest member of the family whilst others we may not hear from again. […]

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Willow Double Merle Dog

A rescue giving deaf dogs a chance.

The rescue giving deaf dogs a chance. Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue was founded in Townsville in 2014. We are Australia’s first and only deaf-specific rescue service. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome deaf (and special needs) dogs. Hear No Evil are a legitimate and ethical rescue, with a case-by-case […]

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Hear No Evil Ambassador Huckleberry

Gaylemarie Photography Halloween Round-Up

Halloween Round-upCharity Fundraiser for Hear no Evil Deaf Dog RescueThe end of October was a little bit crazy here at GayleMarie Photography. It all started back in July when Vicki from Hear no evil contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in doing a Halloween themed Dog photo shoot to help raise funds for […]

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birthday promo

Hear No Evil is Turning 5!

Hear No Evil is Turning 5! Pups Ready For A PawtyHear No Evil Australian Deaf Dog Rescue is celebrating their fifth birthday. The rescue, the first to specialise in rescuing, rehabilitating and rehome deaf dogs started off as a one dog in one dog out project but quickly spread Australian wide. Now, 5 years later, this […]

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pet health basics

Pet Health Basics

Caring For Your Dog Pet Health BasicsIn rescue we are often presented with animals that have been awfully neglected. The rescue of Miss Flo, mid last year is a prime example of how neglecting the health of your dog can lead to major complications later. (Read more of Miss Flo’s journey click here) Used as a […]

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double merle desexing

Subsidised Desexing Program

Funds are still available through this grant from Victorian Government to desex more merle and double merle dogs.

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Hear No Evil 2018 Wrap Up

Hear No Evil’s 2018 Wrap Up. Hear No Evil – Australian Deaf Dog Rescue IS and always will be a tiny rescue. We have no ambitions of being huge, we just want to continue educate people and help find the homes that best match each individual dog that we bring into care.. Our ‘save’ count will […]

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