Cattle Dog Pup

Meet Doc Howliday

Doc Howliday is a 6-month-old deaf cattle dog with a huge personality and a heart full of love. This handsome, energetic boy is a bundle of joy, always ready for playtime and affectionate cuddles, especially if it means getting a share of your meal!

He’s a well-mannered pup too, already toilet trained and making great progress in his basic training. Doc knows commands like ‘sit’ and ‘come,’ and he’s working on ‘stay’, though his playful spirit sometimes gets distracted by new and exciting things around him. He gets excitable at meal times and will rush to his crate and wait to be fed. He walks well on a lead and travels well in the car.

Doc’s lively nature requires regular mental and physical stimulation to keep him engaged and out of mischief. He thrives on routine and clear boundaries, which help him understand his place in the world. Doc has tried his paw at Noseworks, and he loved it, equally he would do really well as agility or other dog sports.

While Doc enjoys the company of his foster brothers, he needs gentle introductions to new dogs and people. It’s important to note that due to his herding instincts and playful energy, he’s better suited for a home with older kids. He might inadvertently try to herd smaller children, which is just part of his cattle dog nature.

Doc is not suitable for a home with cats or pocket pets. His natural instincts and energy might not mesh well with smaller animals. A home without these pets, or one willing to invest in dedicated training to manage these interactions, would be ideal for him.

What Doc Needs:

  • – A home that loves energy, play, and affection
  • – Consistent routine and boundaries
  • – Patient introductions to new people and dogs
  • – Mental and physical activities for engagement
  • – Understanding of his herding behaviour, best with older children
  • – A pet-free environment, or commitment to additional training for cohabitation

Doc Howliday is not just a pet; he’s a companion who will bring laughter, love, and a bit of playful chaos into your life. If you’re ready to welcome this adorable, cuddly, and spirited boy into your family, contact us to find out more about adopting Doc Howliday, your new best friend and adventure partner!

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Noosa QLD
June 2024
Micro Chipped:
Basic Training:
In progress
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Good With:
8 years +
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