Fostering With Hear No Evil

We always need foster carers! They are a vital part of our success and a extremely treasured resource, but it’s also very rewarding! Just knowing that you gave an animal a second chance of finding love in a forever home, when they otherwise be euthanised, is such a special feeling.

There is no denying, it can be challenging fostering a deaf or special needs dog, Many deaf dogs are surrendered because people think they are too “difficult to train” as they can’t hear, as a result, many of them have behavioural and obedience issues. But with foster parents willing to open their home and heart to a deaf dog and the support and training provided by our volunteers,you will be amazed at what these rejected dogs can actually accomplish.

As a foster parent you are expected to:

  • Have a loving attitude towards animals.
  • Provide a safe, comfortable and healthy environment. A yard check will be conducted to ensure the safety and security of potential foster dogs.
  • Supply adequate bedding, food and water.
  • Commit to exercising and socialising your foster dog in such a way that creates a positive and well tempered dog.
  • Provide basic training such as sit, stay, down as well as some house manners like not jumping up on visitors, all the things that will help our deaf dogs get adopted quicker.
  • Be available from time to time, to bring your foster dog to events and activities, including adoption days where dogs are brought out for public viewing.
  • Provide updates and photos of your foster dog that will be used to create a profile of your foster dog.

We will cover all medical expenses, flea/worming treatment, basic obedience training associated with your foster dog. We are also be there providing you with whatever support you may need.

We respect the restrictions that carers may have in regards to what breeds, ages, gender and behaviour issues they are willing to welcome into their homes, although these restrictions may mean that suitable dogs may not always be available and there may be a long wait before receiving a foster dog.

To find out more about becoming a foster carer, contact us now. If you are ready to become a foster parent click the button below and complete the Foster Carer application form