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Meet Georgie Girl

Georgie Girl is an adorable 3.10-year-old canine companion. Her unique genetic mix shines through in her behaviour and personality, giving us a glimpse of her mostly Mareema Sheepdog, with a touch of American Staffy, and Bull Terrier lineage.

With unwavering loyalty, she forms deep bonds with her loved ones. This dedication combined with her remarkably affectionate and playful demeanor makes her the kind of dog who showers her family with love, sometimes with a playful determination.

Her sense of smell is incredibly astute, allowing her to detect the presence of each housemate based purely on their scent. When she’s not showing off her olfactory prowess, Georgie is cuddling up for some love. And if you dare to pause in your petting, she’ll gently remind you with a determined little paw that she’s waiting for more.

While she’s got an endearing way of standing alert at intriguing scents, her playful yet determined nature sometimes makes her act adorably bossy. As she’s still adjusting to the outside world, she approaches new environments with a cautious yet curious demeanor, seeking reassurance. Ongoing training will help her become more confident during her outdoor adventures.

Georgie’s intelligence shines at mealtime, as she cleverly reminds you of her needs by presenting her empty lick mat or Kong. Comfort is something she values, often preferring the warmth of her bed on colder mornings.

Having moved homes before, Georgie craves stability. The adoption process will allow her to build trust through meet and greets, ensuring she feels comfortable with her new family. Ideal for her would be a home with a fellow canine. A family with older kids (12+ years) and consistent company would suit her best, given her love for companionship. However, she has strong instincts which might find smaller pets a bit too fascinating.

Georgie’s charming blend of loyalty, playfulness, and determination makes her an endearing canine companion. If you can offer her patience, love, and stability, she promises to be a lifelong friend. Georgie is desexed, vaccinated, flea & tick and wormed. She is also crate trained and toilet trained.

If you are considering adopting: Georgie’s unique combination of qualities makes her a beautiful companion. Those willing to offer her a forever home filled with patience, love, and stability are encouraged to reach out.

By adopting Georgie, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re gaining a loyal and devoted friend for life. Georgie Girl is located in Preston VIC, although we prefer local adoption so that GG can have a slow adoption transition, for the “perfect” family interstate adoption is available.

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Prestons VIC
April 2021
Micro Chipped:
Basic Training:
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Good With:
12 years +

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