Koolie Minogue


Introducing Koolie Minogue, or “Mino” as she’s affectionately called. This 4-month-old Australian Koolie is a blend of sass, spirit, and sheer determination. She is a double merle and as a result received the double whammy being deaf and vision impaired. She has microthalmia which is characterised by small eyes and starburst pupils. She has vision in one eye but not the other. Yet, her challenges merely form a part of her story; they don’t define it.

Mino is every bit the lively puppy. She dives into playtimes, has a penchant for thinking everything’s a chew toy, and after her bursts of energy, she’s all about those refreshing naps. And stairs? She’s conquered them like a champ! Mino, true to her breed, is a quick learner. She is being trained using hand commands but will also start touch cue training. She is super clever and pick things up very fast. She is almost toilet trained. She comfortably walks on a lead, is a calm traveller in the car preferring to take a long snooze and has been a star attendee at several Hear No Evil events and being the centre of attention.

Her character shines in the quirkiest of ways. While she’s mostly calm, Mino isn’t shy about voicing her displeasure if something isn’t to her liking. But, once she realises you’re firm on your decision, she’s quick to adjust and comply. It’s this blend of playful stubbornness and understanding that makes her such a unique character.

Mino is up to date with her vaccination, treated for fleas and worms, and will be desexed at 6 months. Socially, she thrives around other dogs and enjoys the attention of people. Her love for treats is unmatched, and her nose goes into overdrive when food is around, so she would excel at noseworks. She’s equally content playing by herself or curling up under a chair for a snooze.

What’s Mino’s wish? A nurturing home. While she’d love the company of another dog, she’d be equally overjoyed with someone working from home. Though she possesses boundless energy, it’s crucial she receives ample mental stimulation alongside physical play. We’ve yet to test her around cats or pocket pets.

In essence, Mino isn’t just a dog; she’s a vibrant personality waiting to burst into someone’s life with love, laughter, and a touch of cheekiness. If you’re prepared for heartwarming moments sprinkled with some playful challenges, Mino is eager to meet you.

**Mino will be desexed at 6 months.

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Peregian Springs QLD
July 2024
Micro Chipped:
At 6 Months
Basic Training:
In progress
Energy Levels:
Good With:
8 years +