Meet Navy, a truly exceptional Australian Cattle Dog born on February 25, 2021. Entering foster care at six months old, Navy has become a shining example of what love, care, and commitment can achieve. Despite his deafness, he embodies intelligence, activity, loyalty, and faithfulness. He is a lover of the great outdoors, reveling in activities like hiking, camping, swimming, and exploring new places, not to mention his fondness for rolling in yucky things. He has a keen interest in enrichment toys and puzzles.

Navy has made remarkable strides in his foster journey. Crate-trained and comfortable travelling in vehicles, his eagerness to learn and adapt is evident. His progression from being reactive to everyday items, such as brooms, hoses, rakes, and vacuum cleaners, to showing a remarkable level of tolerance is a testament to his resilience and the effective trust-building experiences he has undergone.

For those considering adopting Navy, it’s important to recognise the characteristics of his breed. As an energetic working dog, Navy has unique requirements. He experiences anxiety around other dogs and is ideally suited as the only pet in a household that offers calm and stability. Navy is not a lap dog, nor is he suited for dog parks or cafes. If you prefer solitude, Navy is your perfect companion. A home without young children, cats, or small pets would be ideal for him.

Navy excels in obedience, agility, and nose-work, and responds well to food, toys, and affection. He has mastered an array of commands such as Sit, Lay Down, Stay, Come (which he can do from a distance of approximately 20 meters), Watch Me, Wait, Stay Behind Me, Away, Hello, Good Boy, No, Give, Eat, Find It, Jump Up or Over, Through (agility weave poles or tunnel), and Speak. He also enjoys playing ‘Guess Which Hand’ and ‘Find It’, and finds joy in games like fetch and tug. These activities are not only enjoyable for him but also crucial for his overall development and mental health.

Navy’s introduction to other dogs needs to be carefully managed. While he has shown improvement in socialising under controlled conditions, ongoing vigilance is necessary to keep his boisterous nature in check. He is still reactive to dogs he encounters in the world, especially those approaching head-on, and has been muzzle-trained. He is also learning to wear a backpack during walks, which serves as a helpful tool in maintaining his focus.

Outdoor life is something Navy cherishes. He has a spacious and secure personal space filled with amenities for both play and relaxation. He shows no signs of separation anxiety when left alone in his “castle,” even overnight. Although he is comfortable in his outdoor environment, he is also house-trained and gradually getting accustomed to indoor life.

Choosing to adopt Navy means embracing his unique journey with patience and commitment. He needs to feel safe and secure at all times in your care. He has come a long way and is eager to continue his journey of learning and loving with a family that understands and respects his needs.

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Feb 2021
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