French Bulldog

Meet Pickles

Meet Mr. Snorty Pickles, an 3 year-old deaf French Bulldog with a heart as big as his personality! Pickles has traveled states and seamlessly becoming part of his foster family while bravely facing surgery for Brachycephalic Obstructive Airways Syndrome, a challenging condition for “squish-faced” breeds, and his recent desexing.

While Pickles finds tiny humans a tad overwhelming, he thrives around older children who know the importance of personal space. His canine preferences? He adores female dog friends his size or smaller and remains unbothered by cats and kittens. This cuddle enthusiast loves to drape himself over you for some snuggle time and simply can’t get enough affection.

Managing his typical Frenchie itches with a good diet and regular Malaseb baths, Pickles is a joy to watch as he frolics in the backyard.  He loves rolling around on the grass and playfully falls into bushes while doing zoomies. On the leash, he’s a star walker, and he’s nearly mastered his house training with minimal slip-ups. Though he may not hear you come home, his vision is sharp as ever.

Pickles doesn’t like to miss a beat and prefers to be by your side, whether you’re bustling in the kitchen or moving from room to room. His love for food makes him a quick study, already nailing ‘sit,’ though he might test your patience with his cheeky, stubborn streak.

Here’s the scoop on Pickles:

  • Suits a household that is calm and relaxed without too much going on.
  • Enjoys the company of quieter or female dogs his size.
  • Is not a fan of big, rowdy male dogs.
  • Loves adults and kids over 6-7 years old.
  • Is cautious around toddlers.
  • Gets along with cats and pocket pets.
  • Showcases lovely leash manners.
  • Is an indoor dog who is crate trained.
  • Nearly toilet trained and improving every day.
  • Basic training is ongoing – he’s a work in progress!
  • Playful, loving, stubborn, and a bit silly.

Pickles is ready to find his forever home. Could that be with you? 💙

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Newborough VIC
Dec 2020
Micro Chipped:
Basic Training:
Energy Levels:
Good With:
12 years +

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