Blind Koolie X

Meet Sonar!


I am Sonar, a quirky little girl with a whole lot of personality. I am a very happy girl with a beautiful temperament who loves nothing more than playing with other dogs, running on the grass, and playing ball. Being born blind hasn’t stopped me from living my best life. I find my way around very easily using my incredibly big ears and sense of smell. 

I am searching for a new doggy best friend(s) who can help me through life. Having spent the first six months of my life living on a property with my siblings (you may know my sister Radar), I wasn’t introduced to many new surroundings or noises. Therefore, I get very anxious in new environments and around new people, particularly males and when I am on my own. It takes time for me to adjust and warm up to new things, but once I feel comfortable and confident, I open up and am full of life. 

I am looking for a quiet home without children/teenagers and without a lot of visitors. A home where I can become best friends with your doggy companion first, while I slowly adjust to my new life. Preferably, a dog that’s a couple of years older than me, but still young enough to keep up with all my energy. Ideally, a single lady or couple who have a lot of patience and are willing to give me the time I need to slowly adjust and warm up to them. I also need somewhere that has a bit of space for me to run around. 

I am not an overly affectionate or needy dog, but I do enjoy snuggling up with someone in the evening to sleep. I can be vocal when hearing new noises and am scared of the vacuum and bath time. I am currently living with a small senior dog who I get along with really well and have learned to play gently with. 

Ideally, my adopter should live in Canberra or surrounding areas so that a slow adoption transition can occur, which will make me more comfortable with the move. Moving to a new home can be stressful, and it may take some time for me to adjust to my new environment. Therefore, it would be best if my adopter lives within a reasonable distance, allowing for visits before the adoption and gradually introducing me to my new home. This will give me the opportunity to get to know my new family and surroundings at my own pace, ensuring a smooth and stress-free transition for us all.

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Canberra ACT
August 2022
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12 years +