To Be Adopted

Adopting a dog, especially a deaf or special needs dog should not be taken lightly, but once the decision has been made it will be one that brings endless amounts of love and joy to you and your family for years.

How do I adopt?

To adopt a dog from Hear No Evil, the initial step is to look at our available dogs for adoption. Contact us to see if the dog is still available and get further information. If it is available then the adoption process begins.

All our dogs are vaccinated, micro chipped, wormed and treated for fleas. All dogs are desexed at our expense.

The adoption process

STEP 1. Complete the adoption application form and returned it to Hear No Evil to be assessed for suitability.

STEP 2. A Meet and Greet with the dog and all members of the adopting family and current dogs is arranged where possible. This usually coincides with a Yard check to ensure the safety and security of the property on which the dog will be kept. - We understand that this is not always possible in interstate adoptions and this will be discussed on your initial contact.

STEP 3. Payment of the Adoption fee in full. The dog is then handed over with any belongings, and all relevant paperwork and records.

Transport arrangements are the financial responsibility of the Adopting party. Hear No Evil are happy to assist with departure preparations and ensuring the dog makes its transport connection.

STEP 4. Once the 14 day 'settling in' period has ended, the change of ownership microchip details are submitted, and the adoption is officially finalised.