Mastiff X puppy

Meet Tones

Tones is a almost 6-months-old Mastiff x Ridgeback who is blossoming into a lovely, well-behaved family member. One of her unique features is her heterochromia, a condition where there’s an excess or lack of melanin in one eye, resulting in different colored eyes. This doesn’t affect her vision at all but certainly adds to her uniqueness!

Crate training with Tones has been a journey filled with learning and patience. Initially, she woke up frequently at night, needing reassurance. However, we’ve discovered a comforting solution. By having Tones sleep on a mat in the carer’s room, alongside Molly, the resident dog, she now enjoys peaceful nights, comforted by her foster sister’s presence.

When away from home, Tones stays in her crate and has beautifully adjusted to this routine, demonstrating her intelligence and adaptability.

Given Tones is still a young pup and isn’t fully aware of her size, she would fit best in a family with children aged 8 and older. While she’s still learning to be cat-friendly, often chasing them if unsupervised, she’s showing progress.

Tones is an eager learner and has made significant strides in her training, able to sit on command most of the time, even without treats, and responding well to hand signals.

Every day with Tones is filled with new discoveries and delightful challenges. She will be a fantastic addition to any family, particularly one that appreciates the joys and responsibilities of raising a young dog. Tones flourishes in the company of other dogs, so a home with another canine for play and companionship would be ideal for her.

If you’re interested in adopting Tones, please complete the adoption application at the provided link. She’s eagerly waiting for a loving and permanent home, and your application could be the first step to welcoming this wonderful girl into your life.

Located in Melbourne, Tones is available for interstate adoption with transport costs at the adopter’s expense.

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Sunbury VIC
August 2024
Micro Chipped:
At 6 Months
Basic Training:
In progress
Energy Levels:
Good With:
8 years +
In Progress